Tendai Makufa brings us a new painting - Demonstrator!!!

Hi everyone , I thought it was time we checked in on Tendai Makufa to see what he has been doing in his studio and to my delight I learn that Tendai has produced a new painting. 

Tendai's paintings are so inspirational and not only because they are so beautiful to the eye but because he is always giving us new ways to view the world. The thinking behind his latest painting is the importance of knowledge... and I am sure no-one is going to disagree with that statement! And here is Tendai's latest creative work.

Demonstrator by Tendai Makufa ©

Tendai gives us this explanation to accompany the painting.

Greetings 👋👋
New Painting !!!
Artist: Tendai Makufa
Title: ""Demonstrator !!!
Medium: Acrylic decorative paint on canvas
Size: 9*12"(229x305mm)
Country: Southern Africa (Zimbabwe)
The 🖌️🖌️🎨🎨🎨 Painting!!

We learn everyday!!!., that's life to have more and more blessings in life!!! They have great successful years of prosperity!! but they are keen and eager to go further still. So as they were busy in the field, the (Demonstrator) arrived...no time to prepare!! They allow them do what they can do, the most important thing is gaining more knowledge!!! and definitely it will improve your results!!!!!
I hope you will enjoy!!!!
I thank you!!! Tendai

I find the paintings of Tendai Makufa so uplifting and every new work he creates brings with it a new narrative, and new learning about how he sees the world - his world through his background of being born in Zimbabwe. His paintings take you with them from the past, to the pressent and into thefuture. Thank you Tendai for sharing your world with us.