Seasons with Gloria Keh

I have exciting news this morning from the wonderfully exciting Singaporean artist Gloria Keh who has an exhibition on at the moment at the Kil Hwan Chang Art Museum in South Korea, under the curation of Tae Sook Myung; with the support of Mr Yoo Choong Yeul.

Gloria explains:
Am pleased to share text and photos of 20 artworks currently on exhibition at my solo held at the Kil Hwan Chang Art Museum in South Korea, under the curation of Tae Sook Myung; with the support of mr Yoo Choong Yeul. My thanks to these three key people and to friends who have shown interest in the concept of this exhibition.

The introduction explains the concept - followed by text of details and descriptions of respective paintings. There are 5 paintings in each season, making it 20 artworks covering the four seasons.

I have always been inspired by the changing colors of temperate foliage, even though I live in equatorial Singapore, where we have no climatic seasons. But the mind experiences seasons, changes and i hope the texts in this post will help introduce viewers to these 20 artworks.
Blessings & best wishes🙏

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Art by Gloria Keh

© Thank you to Gloria Keh who kindly gave permission for the images of her work to be shared on AnArt4Life.