Regina Femrite with Something Different

Kittens In Designer Ladies Shoes (Credit:

The wonderful works of Regina Femrite were introduced to you last week. Regina began cultivating her artistic abilities at an early age under the guidance and mentorship of her father Johann Strater, a European Impressionist. As an incredibly talented and innovative artist her passion, dedication, and vision has acclaimed her the status of an accomplished, and well sought after artist among other contemporaries of this time. Her primary inspiration came from her love of both the Flemish masters and the French impressionists. From that influence Gina developed her own unique style, a mixture of realism interwoven with a contemporary flair. The body of her work entails paintings that celebrate the soft beauty of the female figure, wildlife that captures the accuracy of the physique and movement of the animals, and also the spirit of the grandeur of nature. In some of the artwork the palette is bold and full of contrast, where other paintings have a soft and airy beauty. All pieces are a masterful creation in composition, color, harmony, and technique. Gina has won many awards and recognition as an artist and illustrator. She has created an international following of corporate and private collectors. Her work has been purchased for reproductions by many prestigious publishing houses. (

Today I thought I would entertain you with a few of the paintings from Regina Femrite's High Society Cat series.

A Tipsy Kitty

Regina Femrite explains: If you love the furry creatures called cats, you will enjoy this painting from my, High Society Cat, series. The inspiration for the scenes came from watching my two cats. They are spoiled and love a lot of attention, and comfort. In this painting, the Kitty is taking a luxurious bubble bath why getting tipsy on champagne. (

Talking on the Phone

Regina explains: Watching my two cats gave me the idea for this artwork. If they are not laying around and living the good life, they are busy miaowing and whining for attention. I know if cats could talk on the phone, that is what they would do all day. The effects of in the painting are created digitally. I used photorealism, a style that makes this scene appear believable. (

Witchy Black Halloween Cat

Regina explains: Halloween and black cats go hand in hand. It so happened that my black kitty Shadow did fit the bill for a perfect Halloween scene. Dressed up in a witches hat and surrounded by pumpkins made him the right subject for this Halloween painting. If you have a cat that you like to have portrayed as some character in a painting, I take commissions for such requests. (

St Patrick's Day Irish Cat Sitting on a Pot of Gold

Regina explains: This picture is great for a St. Patrick 's Day print or card. It is clever, funny, and should be perfect for people that are Irish and love cats. We all know that cats are considered to be lucky by nature. What other animal can make a claim of having nine lives? So, if we would use a pet to replace a Leprechaun with a pot of gold on the end of the rainbow, it would have to be a cat. The inspiration for that scene was a tabby of my neighbor. He was always laying around in my driveway testing my driving ability against his nine lives. (

Vacationing Kitty

Regina explains: Anyone that owns a Cat knows that these creatures expect to be spoiled and pampered. I myself own two of these fantastic pets. It is easy to imagine them in a lifestyle of the rich and famous. This painting is from the series called, High Society Cats. In it, these pets live like wealthy people. In this scene, a cat is lounging by the swimming pool enjoying a shrimped cocktail and a tropical drink. So, if you have a pet similar to that, maybe you would appreciate a painting of your kitty in a setting that is fitting for its personality. (

Wine Bibbing Cat

This painting is part of a series depicting Cats living the High Society, it depicts an older, mature cat, relaxing and enjoying fine wine and delicate cheese. My own cat modeled for this picture. I created this image in Photoshop to make the scene appear real and believable. My focus in the paintings is on the personality and demeaner of the cats portraying the life of the rich and the famous. (Regina Femrite-fineartameria)

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