Past Posts: No 3 May 2018

Another subscriber has joined us from the USA. A very warm welcome to J in Virginia. It is fabulous to have our community spreading its wings around the world as it makes for an energising exchange of ideas. Please send in your ideas and comments for the Mailbag post coming up this week.

And now back to our Past Posts feature which we are going to bring to you each Sunday.

In May 2018 I concentrated very much on Mexican Artists and this week our Past Posts continue the theme when we revisit some of the works created by Diego Rivera - certainly one of the most famous of the Mexican artists.

Diego Rivera Painter
Exloring paintings by Diego Rivera (1886-1957), one of the Mexican muralists known as Los tres grandes who together established the Mexican Muralism Movement. (Image: Self Portrait
Diego Rivera Muralist
Diego Rivera was a life long Marxist and member of the Mexican Communist Party and eventually turned to Social Realism as a way to express his ideas about the oppression of the poor in a country dominated by a contrasting politics and colours. (Image: Man at the Crossroads

Today I also want to introduce you to a new feature in the footer that appears at the bottom of each daily post after the Subscriber Box.

We now feature each day, on the right hand side of the footer, the post that was published around this day a year ago in 2019. This allows new subscribers to read some of our earlier posts. And for long time subscribers you now have the opportunity to reread some of the posts from the past.

The other two sections of the footer remain the same:

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Mea Culpa
Because of my erroneous spelling of peninsula the link to the following two posts might not have worked for you. I was so worried about spelling Fleurieu incorrectly that I didn't notice that an r had attached itself!!

That's my story and I'm sticking to it. However I have been reminded of the day in Grade One when I got minus 2 for spelling!!

Please check out the posts on the Fleurieu Peninsula by following the bookmark links below.

Reflection: The Fleurieu Peninsula
The glorious landscape of the “Fleurieu Peninsula” in South Australia provides us with the opportunity to reflect on the magnificence of the natural world. Image: Fleurieu Peninsula (Tourism Australia /
Fleurieu Peninsula, South Australia: Home to much more than good wine
The “Fleurieu Peninsula” in South Australia is known for its excellent wines. But today we discover that it is also home to some remarkable artists including John Lacey, Paul Whitehead, Victoria Rolinski, Tom O’Callaghan, Michael Tye. Image:

I'll be back tomorrow with our Monday's Art Work feature.