Past Posts No 21 October 2018: Art Nouveau

Continuing on from last week, our Past Posts for this Sunday focus on the glorious Art Nouveau period which mainly involved architecture and the decorative arts and took place roughly from 1890 to 1910.

Art Nouveau was a reaction against the academic art, eclecticism and historicism of 19th century architecture and decoration. It was often inspired by natural forms such as the sinuous curves of plants and flowers. Other characteristics of Art Nouveau were a sense of dynamism and movement, often given by asymmetry or whiplash lines, and the use of modern materials, particularly iron, glass, ceramics and later concrete, to create unusual forms and larger open spaces.1

More Art Nouveau
Extending the Art Nouveau story with the works of Émile Gallé, Victor Prouvé, Louis Majorelle, Eugène Vallin. Antonin Daum. Image: Tiffany Studies Lotus Lamp (

As Jane is currently taking us to Russia with her Tour of Mansions this month, I though it would be appropriate to share a Past Post that that showcases some of the Russian buildings designed in the Art Nouveau style.

Art Nouveau Buildings in Russia
Russie has many Art Nouveau buildings and those designed by Schechtel are among the most beautiful. Showcasing: Ryabushinsky Mansion (Image:, Yaroslavsky Rail Terminal, Levenson Printshop and more.