Past Post: No 4 June 2018

It is most appropriate to revisit Malta as we have a subscriber with a Maltese background. Hello to T of Wheelers Hill who is VIP subscriber as she has been a faithful follower of the AnARt4Life blog since its birth in November 2017. You're a real trooper T of Wheelers Hill.

We have many VIP subscribers who have remained with us since the beginnnig - thank you for your loyalty and for the wonderful contribution you have made to gaining an appreciation of art through life. Someone said to me the other day that our blog has in fact given her a greater awareness of life through art.

And now to Malta where you will meet the Schranz Dynasty of Artists and visit
St John’s Co-Cathedral in Valetta.

Malta and Meeting the Schranz Family
The exhibition was organised by Heritage Malta in collaboration with the Schranz family and the Schranz Bicentenary Committee. John J. Schranz, a descendant of Giovanni Schranz, has written a series of articles on the context in which the Schranz artists lived and worked
The Schranz Painters continued
There were at least 8 painters in the Schranz family across four generations. Anton’s other two sons Antonio and Giuseppe were also painters as was his daughter Maria Ana. Image: HMS Trafalgar at the entrance to the Grand Harbour, painted by Giovanni Schranz.

And to celebrate the two year anniversary of our Jane's contribution to the AnARt4Life blog, here is here first post published on 4 June 2018.

Mattia Preti and the Baroque Churches of Malta
The history of art in Malta is discussed & we are introduced to the works of Mattia Preti which leads beautifully on to Caravaggio. St John’s Co-Cathedral in Valetta. Image is the Feast of Herod located in the Toledo Museum of Art