Olaf Hajek’s Alternatives to Hair

Today I want to introduce you to Olaf Hajak who creates some amazing images of heads.  But Olaf Hajak also acts as an introduction to a new topic I want to broach which is the changing interpretation of Realism. Hajak creates in a style called Magical Realism: a creative genre A of A&R of Wheelers Hill alerted me to some time back during her latest trip to the UK. But let's start by looking at Hajak's view of the Human Head and how he has enhanced it.

(Credit: Pinterest)
Credit: deskgram.net 

Credit: thisiscolossal.com 
Credit: modelcitizenmap.com
Credit: honestlywtf.com
Credit: Pinterest

Olaf Hajek is a German-based illustrator, painter, artist, graphic designer, and author.Born in North Germany, Hajek lives in Germany, London, and New York City. Originally studying to be a graphic designer, Olaf switched to illustration and taught alongside the likes of punk fashion legend, Vivienne Westwood. (Wikipedia)

If you like Olaf Hajek's style here is the link to his website.