November 2022 Mailbag No 1

Our first mailbag item for this month comes from Mary Haddad a member of the AnArt4Life Facebook Chat Room. Mary has alerted us to the announcement that the:
ARAB ART FAIR is coming back!

ARAB ART FAIR, the First Affordable Art Fair in the region, has announced its dates for 2022. The fair will return from November 2nd to 6th, 2022 in the Yacht Club Beirut, Zaitunay Bay.

ARAB ART FAIR offers an opportunity for Art galleries and independent Artists in the region to showcase their artworks to thousands of enthusiastic art lovers.

It’s a one-year opportunity for all art galleries and independent artists to join this unforgettable opportunity, to meet face-to-face with other artists, collectors, journalists, scholars, and culture enthusiasts.

Join Arab Art Fair 2022 -- Be part of this unforgettable experience. For more information contact: [email protected]

Next we have an item from Willie Takatosi Cox who makes amazing moving sculptures from just paper, scissors and glue. Willie has made a video demonstrating how he made his AWESOME movable papercraft Flash character from paper!!

He has time lapsed the month long process and also created a stop motion animation video to show some of his movements. Besides the LED lights, all of it was made with just paper, scissors, and glue. No measuring, drawing or templates used. Not a lot of money spent for a masterpiece.

For social media followers you can find Willie at:
Instagram: willie.cox.5680
Twitter: @takatosi_cox

Even though the video is 9 mins long if you are interested in the art of making objects in paper Willie's skills are incredible, amazing, extraordinary - definitely worth watching. I am constantly amazed at his ingenuity, creativity and skill.

How I made The Flash from paper move!! by Willie Takatosi Cox

D - our Roving reporter in Central Victoria has just called in to report that Andre Sardone in Mandurang, Victoria has created a Mega Pod to be entered in the Victorian Sculpture Prize.

The work is a steel sculpture created with salvaged, reclaimed and scrap material.

Good luck to Andre for the competition.

Mega Pod created by sculptor Andre Sardone (Credit:

From Trevor Lee in Canberra comes information that if you are interested in Planet City 2020 by Liam Young Uro Publications is pleased to announce the reprint of Planet City and you can secure a copy at this site.

Planet City is a project by Los Angeles-based film director and architect Liam Young.

Planet City is a project by Los Angeles-based film director and architect Liam Young, exploring the productive potential of extreme densification, in a speculative future where ten billion people surrender the rest of the planet to a global wilderness.1

It imagines a radical reversal of planetary sprawl, where the world’s population retreats from our vast network of cities and entangled supply chains into one hyper-dense metropolis housing the entire population of the earth.1

It is a vision of the future that runs counter to our current world, where humans dominate the planet. Where centuries of colonisation, globalisation and never-ending economic extraction and expansionism has remade the world from the scale of the cell to the tectonic plate.1

You might have seen Planet City back in 2020 at the National Gallery of Victoria but for those of you who have missesd this provocative film you might like to watch this video.

Get transported on a stunningly rendered, sci-fi safari through Planet City: an imaginary metropolis of 10 billion people, from the brain of director and architect Liam Young. Explore the potential outcomes of an urban space designed to house the entire population of the earth -- and imagine answers to what is possible, and what is sustainable, for the planet.

And if you have time listen to Liam Young present a TED Talk on Planet City. In fact you might be interested in checking out the entire library of TED Talks, transcripts, translations, personalized talk recommendations and more by clicking here.

Let's finish up today with a reminder to check out Jane's remarkable trip to Tanzania and Kenya just a month or so ago. As Rowdy says:

What an amazing "African Safari" journey Jane... congratulations on your tremendous "posts"... The Serengeti of Tanzania is certainly spectacular.... most enjoyable is your magnificent photography of the African landscape panorama... the unique wild life... and adventurous stories.... Thanks for sharing your marvelous travels... Rowdy...

To find these travel posts by Jane go to the home page of the AnArt4Life blog and scroll down through our recent offerings until about the middle of October 2022 and you will see the hero images of her posts. Click on the image and you will be taken to the post.

There is another Mailbag for Novemeber coming up in a few days.

Late Mail

And just making this mailbag is the notice that C.G. in the U.K. is our newest subscriber and we send her a very warm welcome and hope that she enjoys journey along with us for a little while, sharing our love of all things art.