Relaxing with Me Kyeoung Lee: The Corner Store

Many of you expressed your pleasure at seeing the delightful paintings of The Disappearing Corner Shops created by South Korean artist Me Kyeoung
. I have chosen some of her images to help us relax over the weekend.

Me Kyeoung Lee has spent the past 20 years documenting these little corner shops, partly because she finds them so beautiful, but also because she wants to capture them before they disappear forever.

"The first spring after I had my second child, I was spending my days sitting in front of the canvas again with a pen, drawing random things that came to mind, searching for a new beginning," Lee recalls. "One beautiful day when cherry blossom petals were falling like snow, I made a trip to the corner store. I hadn’t been there in a long while, and the place seemed unfamiliar and at the same time quaintly charming. The reddish-brown slate roof displayed subtle changes in color depending on the time of day, and even the word ‘beverages’ in red letters written on the window in a slapdash manner seemed stylish." (


And aren't these paintings just wonderful. Me Kyeoung Lee is not only an exceptionally talented artist, she has a special ability to give significance to the essential ingredients of everyday life be it the corner shop or another endangered species- the sewing basket.