Maritime Art Prize & Exhibition

One of my favourite places in Melbourne to visit is the Mission to Seafarers-Victoria which is located at 717 Flinders St, Docklands in Melbourne. If you are interested in our seafaring history (which is substantial) this should be a must on your list of places to visit.

Mission to Seafarers-Victoria, Australia (Credit:

Regular followers of the AnArt4Life blog would know of the wonderful work of Sydney artist Kevin McKay who has just alerted me to The Mission to Seafarers’ Maritime Art Prize & Exhibition which will be held from 30 September to 16 October.

This is an international competition that is hosted at the heritage-listed Mission building in Melbourne’s Docklands and this year is celebrating 20 years of promoting excellence in maritime and seafaring subjects in art.1

Held online for the past two years (due to the coronavirus pandemic), the welcome return to an in-person exhibition and opening night celebration is highly anticipated. 1

Importantly for the AnARt4Life team and supporters, Kevin McKay has had a painting accepted for the exhibition. The work is titled Sailing by - Cockatoo Island (2022), an oil on canvas, 50x75cm. The description states:

A chimney stack towers over a shipyard built by convicts in Sydney Harbour. While it provided the power needed to fuel one of Australia’s biggest shipyards, it is now a relic of the past, enduring like an obelisk, a marker in space and time over the nation's most extensive and varied record of shipbuilding as a small sailboat passes.The sailboat is framed by the slipway where more imposing vessels were launched. It seemed to provide a transient moment in contrast to the grand maritime history it was sailing by.

Sailing by - Cockatoo Island by Kevin McKay ©

If you would like to know more about the exhibition please check out the bookmark link below.


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© Thank you to Kevin McKay who kindly gave permission for the image of his work to be shared on AnArt4Life.