The immersive experience of Lightscape 2023

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In June 2022, we showed you images from a wonderful, immersive, after dark light show at the Botanic Gardens in Melbourne Australia. There were two posts, (click here and here if you missed them).

Despite being held in winter, the event was so successful that it has been brought back again this year, from June to August 2023. It has been totally re-imagined for a wonderful, immersive experience combining gardens and technology.....

A 2.1 kilometre trail winds its way around the lake:

A map showing the walking trails and lake at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne. Credit:, under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

The display has been totally redesigned with coloured water fountains, singing trees, fire lanterns, and static installations of tall palm trees, a field of mushrooms, aboriginal art, bullrushes, waterlilies, and much more. There is something new and mesmerising around every corner. In some spots, the lights of Government house and the city buildings created an extra dimension to the backdrop.

We were lucky enough to go along on a clear and crisp winter’s night. Whilst it was a very cold 5 or 6 degrees Celsius (for Melburnians, at least!), there was no wind or rain, and so it was a magical, crystal clear night to see the stunning displays. There were food trucks and pop-up wine bars positioned along the route, and the smell of mulled wine, coffee and delicious food enhanced the experience as we meandered along!

The colours of the water fountain display was something we were mesmerised to stand and watch for quite some time!

The dispalys were all set to music to enhance the experience. The following short video gives you an idea how the music adds to the water feature theme....

Julie's video

The "Winter Cathedral,” made up of hundreds of tiny lights, was so popular in 2022 that it has been brought back again this year! It looks like it is made of ice, don't you think?

But for me, the mystical lakeside reflections created by ever changing colours of a Moreton Bay fig tree were the highlight........ just spectacular!

Lightscape has also been very successful in a number of venues in the UK and USA. Perhaps you have been able to see it where you live? But if not, here are some more of my Lightscape photos in a short slide show.....


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