Introducing a new feature...... the TagCloud!

As you know, here at the AnArt4Life blog, we love to bring you a wide variety of topics – all with the theme of gaining an appreciation of life through art.

Art can be found in many facets of our daily lives, whether it be in Architecture and Buildings, Sculpture, Painting, Digital Art, Photography, Flowers and Plants, Animals of all sorts, or the diverse landscapes, people and cultures of the world which we discover and learn about through Travel. There is something to be learnt and appreciated everywhere you look, from our earliest past history right up to the current trends of life and art today.

Anne, Jane, Caroline and Julie all have different interests, and favourite topics, and we are very proud of the diverse offerings we bring to you each day. The fact that we have subscribers and followers from all around the world, providing feedback using all forms of technology, tells us that you enjoy this diversity as well!

And so today, we would like to launch a new feature, called A TagCloud, which will make it easy for you to search the variety of topics we have covered since our beloved Editor in Chief, Anne Newman started the Blog nearly four years ago!

You may have noticed a new icon, like a flowchart symbol, on the top right corner of the AnArt4Life web page:

If you click on that icon, it takes you to a new page containing the TagCloud:

The TagCoud feature from the "AnArt4Life" website. (Copyright: Anne Newman)

You will see words which are categories of interest, such Photography, Italy, Women Artists, Japan, Impressionism, Travel, just to name a few. Each of these words is called a "tag" and we assign those that best fit the subject when we first write each post.

Also, each category has been assigned a colour, either Red, Blue, Purple or Green, defined as follows:

The categories are: "Being" (Green): - place, existing, alive; "Doing" (Blue) - products, things, items made, action; "Feeling" (Red) - stories, emotions, responses; "Knowing" (Purple) - facts, art movements, concepts, history, techniques.

This makes it easier to pick out similar areas of interest. For example, anything to do with the natural world is Green, and anything to do with art movements or concepts is Purple.

Each post may fall into a number of categories, for example, a post about sunsets could fall into Landscapes, The Sun, Colour, Nature etc, and will come up under each of those "tags"…..

A further thing you will notice is that the words (tags) are all different sizes. The bigger the words, the more posts we have written featuring that classification.

The TagCoud feature from the "AnArt4Life" website. (Copyright: Anne Newman)

If you hover over the cursor over each word, you will see that it changes to a bright blue, and you can then click on that word if you wish…..

The TagCoud feature from the "AnArt4Life" website. (Copyright: Anne Newman)

If you click on any word, it will take you to a list and short description of every post which was about, or connected to, that topic. For example, if you clicked on Astronomy, you will see that there are 12 posts which are relevant to outer space. You can scroll through the list, and click on any post that interests you.

You can return to the list of posts in that same category (Astronomy, in this example), by clicking on the back button in the top left-hand corner:

If you click that back button again, it will take you back to the TagCloud. Alternatively, you can just click on the flowchart symbol in the green ribbon menu (next to the Subscribe button) to go back to the TagCloud from whereever you are.

We hope that you enjoy using the TagCloud when you have some spare time to delve into a category of art and life that you find interesting. It may while away some time if you are somewhere in the world that is in lockdown (like some of Australia is!), or it may give you a break from the dealing with the difficulties of life at the current time…….

Anne, Jane, Caroline and Julie thank you once again for your interest and support of our Blog, and we trust you will enjoy meandering through some of our past posts using the new TagCloud!......

And today we also say hello to K.J. in Oregon and welcome K as our latest subscriber.

The AnArt4Life team: from the left: Julie (and Foxy), Jane, Caroline (and Nicky), and Anne. Credit: My own photo.