Ice Sculptures

I had these Cool Images ready to show you a week or so ago but decided to hold off as some of my friends are not particularly fond of anything to do with ice at the moment. Recently Melbourne experienced an appalling storm including hail stones that were up to 5cm in diameter which of course caused great damage to cars and homes.

However I have always been flabbergasted by Ice Sculptures and so now is the time to share some amazing examples. I hope my friends will forgive me. The intricate detail in ice sculptures is breathtaking. How do the artists do this?

And the image below I have enlarged so you can see the detail of the ice bodies melting.

Brazilian street artist Nele Azevedo is famous for her tiny ice sculptures. In the form of a thousand faceless ice men figurines installed on stairs all around the world, these silhouettes transform into a dramatic installation when they begin to melt on the ground. Find out more in the gallery.(

Click here to see more of the ice work being created by Nele Azevedo.

And to put so much effort in to creating something so intricate only to watch your magnificant work of art melt before your eyes!!

If snowshoe art as shown the other day by Simon Beck is not your chosen art medium, perhaps you wouold prefer to become an ice sculptor. Here's a video by Shintaro Okamoto to show you how to do it - from easy to a little more difficult. Good luck!

More Ice Sculptures here.

And here.


Following the hail storm, Melbourne was hit by another huge rain storm which this time carried all the red top soil from the drought ridden countryside of New South Wales!

In true Australian humour, the day is now being referred to as Latte Thursday. Gypsy is somewhat confused about this new covering of red soil over our garden!