Hand Eye Coordination

I haven't spoken about the MindStudio in a while and some mail leads beautifully into this part of the blog where I encourage you to draw in your mind.

Escher was fascinated with perspective. The image above depicts a sheet of paper out of which, from wrists that remain flat on the page, two hands rise, facing each other and in the paradoxical act of drawing one another into existence. Although Escher used paradoxes in his works often, this is one of the most obvious examples. (Wikipedia)

And while we are speaking of Escher, this is a good time to mention for Victorian subscribers, there is an Escher Exhibition on at the NGV (Melbourne) until 7 April 2019. The exhibition, Escher X Nendo: Between Two Worlds is a groundbreaking exhibition that features the work of Dutch artist M. C. Escher in dialogue with the work of acclaimed Japanese design studio Nendo. If you are fascinated by perspective (as am I) please take time to follow this link to some fascinating information.  

The roots of trees, the branches, the leaves. All can be imagined as limbs and hands. Don't forget it you are on Twitter you can follow Chris (@gibsonc85) and on Instagram (leapinggazelleart, cgibson4verse).

Today, please spend a little time in your MindStudio feeding your imagination.