February 2023 Mailbag No 2

Photo by Ranurte / Unsplash

I thought the photograph above was so pretty and a delightful way to open our second mailbag for the month of February.

And speaking of beautiful images...

Rowdy wrote in to say: Bob Carters paintings of the old schooners are truly marvelous…. I really like Bob’s light.. bright colours.. highlighting the distant atmospheric mist… Bob’s oceans are so incredible and appear to have much depth and detail… Tremendous post’s Anne….

If you missed the first two posts in our series on marvellous paintings by Robert Carter OAM, FASMA, FISMP of the sailing ship era please check them out by following the bookmark links below.

“Annie Watt – Port Victoria, 1930s” by Robert Carter
Robert Carter is one of Australia’s leading marine artists and today we launch our series on his wonderful paintings of the “sailing ship” era. Each week you will see a new painting of a sailing ship with Robert’s detailed description.
“Olivebank and tug Waratah - the Heaving Line” by Robert Carter
This is the second post in our series on the marvellous paintings by Robert Carter OAM, FASMA, FISMP of the “sailing ship” era. And today is all about honouring and acknowledging the courage of those indomitable little tugs and their crew.

And equally magnificent are the towering trees found in the Otway Ranges west of Melbourne where A and R in Oakleigh have recently been visiting.

Back in early 2021 A and R were also in the Otway Ranges tracing history back millions of years to Gondwana Land and learning also about the Otway Black Snail.

Here are the links to the posts we wrote on this remarkable experience.

The Otway Ranges
The Otway Ranges, about 236 kms southwest of Melbourne can trace its heritage back millions of years to Gondwana Land. This is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Australia. Two of our subscribers share a little of their time reflecting on the magnificence of the trees and plant life.
The Otway Black Snail
A snail? Yes today’s AnArt4Life blog post is about a snail - a black snail that lives only in one tiny part of the world. Check it out even if you don’t like snails - you will be amazed. Photo: OtwayLifeMagazine

And back in South Australia Steve Cook has been admiring some works at the recent exhibition held by the local Rotary Art Club in Victor Harbour. He spied some paintings by local artists and commented:

My old High School Art teacher, Marie Parsons, is well represented, with one of her own, of course her daughter Allyson Parsons has won the top award a couple of times, and Allyson's son Henry Cockington also exhibits now. I'm sure it's because of Marie that I have an interest in art, bless her.

Below we see the paintings that caught Steve's eye and appreciation. The first line are two seascapes by Marie Parsons, followed by two landscapes (so typical of the area) by her grandson Henry Cockington.

And this wonderful vista across the sand dunes is by Marie Parson's daughter Allyson Parsons.

Behind Chinamans Well Yorke Peninsula, South Australia 122 x 92cm by Allyson Parsons (Photo provided by H Steve Cook)

Chinaman Wells is a locality in the Australian state of South Australia located on the west coast of Yorke Peninsula immediately adjoining Spencer Gulf about 119 kilometres (74 miles) north-west of the state capital of Adelaide.1

And we conclude today with the latest painting from Soumya Kundu in Kolkata India. The painting is expressing the need to fight for a job in society.

Fight for a job in society by Soumya Kundu

Late Mail
A warm welcome and shoutout to Kenneth in New York home to some of the world's greatest art museums and galleries. We do hope you enjoy coming along with the AnArt4Life blog community for a little whiel.

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