Catching up with Tendai Makufa in South Africa

Our newest subscribers will not have met South African artist Tendai Makufa and had the chance to learn about his most remarkable paintings which grow literally out of the roots of his birth country Zimbabwe.

Tendai has sent in a new painting for us to enjoy and appreciate.

Focusing and Smiling on VEGAN !!! by Tendai Makufa ©

Tendai has sent a message to accompany his latest painting which says:

Greetings!!!!! Here is "My New Painting" "Available!!!!!"
Artist: Tendai Makufa
Title: Focusing and Smiling on VEGAN!!!!
Medium: Acrylic decorative paint on canvas
Size: 30cm X 42cm
Country: Southern Africa (Birth Country: Zimbabwe)

Thank you so much, SARAH A.VINNAY, for the discussions on Vegan (Vegetarian) products!!!!. This led me to come up with this painting!

The Farmers or Producers have something to smile about as "Vegan" (Vegetarian) products are coming along strong!!!! This gives farmers a reason to smile again!!!

***In the painting the women have had a bumper harvest!!! They are "Focusing" and "Smiling" on the "Vegen News". They look sideways at each other and into the future... listening to the great news!!!

With smile in their heart!!!!

I thank you!!!! Tendai Makufa

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© Thank you Tendai Makufa for giving permission for the images of your work to be shared on AnArt4Life and for sharing your art journey with us.