Colin Morris takes us to New Zealand: Part Two

Yesterday I showcased some photographs taken by Colin Morris on his recent trip to New Zealand. I am sure you will agree that his images are spectacular. If you missed the first post please click here.

Let's start by moving away from the stunning scenery of New Zealand to look at a couple of Colin's more unusual shots. These toadstools look like something out of a fairytale and I expect to see little fairy people gathering around singing their hearts out in joyful celebration of the beautiful part of the world they live in.

Photo: Colin Morris

Below is Colin's photo of what looks like a Power Pole Farm!!! Is this where they grow baby power poles into big poles??? Looks like they need a drop of water.

Photo: Colin Morris

Let's ask my mate ChatGPT.

The Power Pole Farm in New Zealand serves as a critical training facility for the country's electrical line workers. Located in Cromwell, this unique site is designed to simulate real-world conditions that these workers encounter while maintaining and repairing power lines. The "farm" consists of an array of power poles set up in various configurations, allowing trainees to practice climbing, installing, and repairing equipment in a controlled and safe environment. The hands-on experience gained at the Power Pole Farm is essential for ensuring that line workers are well-prepared to handle the complexities and dangers of working with high-voltage electricity in different settings, thus contributing to the reliability and safety of the electrical grid.1

Actually this is all incorrect and have you guessed what the real purpose of these poles is?

It is actually where they store the rowing boats when not being used on the local lake which is Lake Ruataniwha which was featured in yesterday's post.

And from baby power poles to this beautiful shot of the Church of the Good Shepherd on the banks of Lake Tekapo with the evening sky making for the perfect backdrop.

Photo: Colin Morris

Colin loves playing around with sunsets and sunrises and below we can embrace the serenity of the morning light over Lake Alexandrina.

Photo: Colin Morris

Fox Glacier is a remarkable spot to visit in New Zealand but Colin has shown us that the best view is from above where once more the sun lights up our world this time with its touches of gold.

Photo: Colin Morris

And we will leave this short showcasing of Colin's photographs of New Zealand with a remarkable touch of gold streaking across the sky like a mythical dragon breathing life into all that dwells below.


1. ChatGPT with instruction from Anne Newman

© Thank you to Colin Morris who kindly gave permission for the images of his work to be shared on AnArt4Life.