Capturing captivating caves

Have you ever been down deep inside a cave? To feel the complete darkness and silence surround you is an amazing experience, which I have had in visiting some of the caves in the Margaret River area of Western Australia.

The sheer beauty of wherever you look is like an art work, just waiting to be framed for all time.

Today we want to give a big shout out to the wonderful photographers around the world who have done just that, capturing exceptional moments in time, and then making their iconic images available to us for free, via Unsplash.

Whether it be beautiful views framed by cave entrances, from the inside looking out…………

Or the incredible contrasts of light and dark, when the sun is in just the right position…….

Or the pop of vibrant colours highlighted by the darkness from within………….

Or the incredible textures of cave walls and faces......

Or the haunting, but captivating, man-made lighting, creating an ambience and beauty where no natural light can penetrate……….

...... we thank you, the photographers of Unsplash.

We hope you have enjoyed these iconic views. Perhaps you have some spectacular cave memories you would like to share? We would love to hear about your experiences.

With appreciation and many thanks to the photographers of Unsplash.

Credit: Unsplash and Quique Olivar.