Creating Horses

Yesterday we looked at some of the Equine War Sculptures created by Melbourne artist Judith Leman who has moved from painting horses (and other animals) into sculpture as it allows her to explore the attitudes of her subject, supporting the gestures of movement and energy in a traditional form of action. (

A Work of Art starts with an idea in Judith Leman's case with respect to her horse sculptures, the ideas stem from her love of and close relationship with horses and a family history of World War 1 involvement. Following the birth of the idea as Judith Leman explains, time is taken to observe moods, characteristics and conformation. Following this the artist makes a series of working drawings to capture the essence of the subject. (

Next step in the process of making a bronze sculpture a maquette is made which is a small 3D sketch in synthetic clay. Here is a link giving an explanation as to how this process occurs though the information doesn't come from Judith Leman.

Artists who make bronze sculptures have a foundry which they have specially chosen to make the work of art. This requires a close and professional relationship as the process is thwart with incredible problems. The foundry makes the mould of the complete work and once approved of by the artist casts the sculpture in bronze using what is called the Lost Wax Method. (

And of course if you aim to become a professional artist with a world wide reputation like Judith Leman, it is the client purchasing the work of art who has the final say in whether the sculpture has met with their expectations.

Judith Leman paints and sculpts many different types of animals so please take a little time to check out Judith Leman’s Website.

I’ve been asked to explain the difference between a statue and a sculpture. A Statue is a life size or larger work of art usually created to depict a person or animal. A Sculpture is any 3 dimensional object created by an artist and can be any size any subject matter.

Tomorrow Jane is going to explain a little about how art therapy is helping people who face challenges. Next week we move away from horses to learn about giant angels.