Botanical artist..... "or barking mad?!"

You may recall the variety of Australian flora in the recent post showcasing the watercolours of Denise Faulkner.

Today we meet a botanical artist, Lynne Stone, who transforms embroidery thread into three dimensional native floral masterpieces.1

The beauty and realism of her pieces has to be seen to be believed. They are incredibly detailed and the accuracy of the colours she achieves is amazing. Her friends say she is either incredibly talented, or barking mad!!

But sewing and delicate embroidery are not Lynne's only skills. Her previous business was writing computer software for solicitors and these skills helped her write programs for digital embroidering machines. The accuracy of the digital machines have allowed her to create complex flowers in three dimensions, such as the callistemon (bottlebrush) and pincushion hakea.1

Sit back and prepare to be mesmerised as Lynne tells us her story, courtesy of the Australian ABC television programme, Gardening Australia.

My Garden Path - Lynne Stone
We meet botanical artist Lynne Stone who transforms embroidery thread into lifelike, native floral masterpieces.

Lyne is a lady of incredible talent and resilience, having lived throught the terrible Victorian busfires of 2009, which destroyed her home and travelling bus in Marysville.

If you would like to see more of Lynne's work and story, please click here.


  1. Courtesy of My Garden Path, ABC Gardening Australia programme, Series 32, Episode 3, 26th February 2021.