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I search for the realness, the real feeling of a subject, all the texture around it... I always want to see the third dimension of something... I want to come alive with the object.
Andrew Wyeth

When you look at grass the main impression it gives is one of texture - as Nicky has found out.

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My paintings of the landscape continued quickly in a free, impressionistic manner, until Mother Nature provided the texture in the form of rain!
John Darlinson

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Texture and pattern should function as a surprise.
Robert Denning

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Art is a means of expression that must be understood by everybody, everywhere. It grows out of the earth, the textures of our lives, and our experience.
Rufino Tamayo

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The texture of experience is prior to everything else.
Willem de Kooning

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Surfaces reveal so much. The marks painters make reveal so much about their work and themselves; their sense of proportion, line, and rhythm is more telling than their signature. Looking at the surfaces of nature may offer equivalent revelations. What do these shapes and patterns reveal about the world and their creator? Surfaces hide so much.
John Paul Caponigro

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In terms of Australian artists there is no greater expert at creating texture than Ben Quilty who with the strength of his vibrant brush stokes, which form into a textured image, create Landscape Portraits where the topographical features of the country and the very ground on which they walked is engrained in the flesh of the subject.
Anne Newman

Think texture, think Ben Quilty
The Keeper

Follow the bookmark link below to see some of the textured paintings of Ben Quilty.

Ben Quilty: Superb Artist, Great Australian
Ben Quilty is an Australian favourite: as an artist and person. He has won the Doug Moran Portrait prize with Jimmy Barnes & the Archibald with his painting of Margaret Olley. Image: Ben Quilty (abc.net.au)

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