Bird dances to make you smile!

Well, we all need a laugh at times, and perhaps never more so than right now, with devastating events that have been happening around the world with the COVID 19 pandemic.

Many male birds have dazzling courtship rituals to attract a girlfriend. The showier the routine, the more it may convey to her that he is the best choice, that he has the best genes to produce strong, healthy babies.

Some displays are beautiful, some are graceful, and some are downright funny! We hope the following selection of short videos will give you a laugh!

Check out the snazzy 'moonwalk' of the Red-capped Manakin of Central and South America:

Then there is the startling blue feathers of the New Guinea Superb Bird of Paradise..... perhaps a little bit too much "in your face," but hard to miss, nonetheless!

Or watch the groovy moves of the Wahnes Parotia of North East Papua New Guinea........He is a bit slow to warm up, but knows just how to show off his fascinator headgear that would be the envy of any lady racegoer today!

Or the Magnificent Riflebird, which is another of about 40 species of Birds of Paradise, found in Northern Australia and New Guinea.

He does a wonderful fan dance, complete with sound effects!