August 2023 Mailbag No 2

Rural America
Photo by Timothy Eberly / Unsplash

Our first item on top of the mailbag for today is from Lakshay Nahar in Jalandhar, India. He has painted using oil pastels a wonderful interpretation of Rainy Roads.

I really like the boldness of this work in terms of both the strong use of colour and the dominance of the shapes. And the way he has created the raindrops is very clever. A most appealing image and thank you Lakshay for sharing your work with us.

Rainy Road by Lakshay Nahar ©

If you are a Facebook User you can check out Lakshay Nahar's FB page by clicking here.

Next from the mailbag is a work by Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo in the Philippines. The work is intriguing as the title Enigma would suggest. The work was created using mixed media 50x70cm on a box canvas.

Featured is an awakened woman rising like a phoenix.

Enigma by Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo ©

Elizabeth's Enigma for me has has energy and movement implying change and growth and her choice of colours and tones is most appropriate with the women clothed in earth colours rising through to the blues of beyond. A very clever piece of creativity and we look forward to more of Elizabeth's work.

Back on the blog's home front in South Australia - Rowdy Wylie and Geraldine Rosser have been engaged in a month long PopUp Exhibition in the town of Middleton, South Australia.

Rowdy reports in to tell us:
The Middleton “exhibition experience” is marvelous.. it gets one out of their comfort zone!!! It has been a good net working opportunity… and positive feed back from local artists and visitors… this is always good to hear!!

Top Row: John Rowdy Wylie and Geraldine Rosser Bottom: Geraldine and Rowdy with art collectors Gill Cook (left) and H Steve Cook with Geraldine and Rowdy on the right. 

And as those of us who are artists know, setting up for an exhibition and running one for a day let alone a whole month requires an enormous amount of work. And we all know it is difficult to get publicity at any time, but Rowdy and Geraldine have made the headlines in the Fleurieu Sun.

We congratulate both of you and look forward to sharing your art journey going forward. If you missed the posts on the actual exhibition please follow through on the bookmark links below.

Pop In to the Pop Up Art Exhibition: Middleton Arts & Craft Hall, South Australia Part 1
Rowdy Wylie has an exhibition commencing today with Geraldine Rosser - both from the Fleurieu Peninsula in Sth Australia. In the next two posts you will see two inspiring artists with vastly different styles representing their view of their world. Today Rowdy’s works, tomorrow Geraldine’s.
Pop In to the Pop Up Art Exhibition: Middleton Arts & Craft Hall, South Australia Part 2
Continuing on from yesterday’s showcasing of the PopUp Art Exhibition for the works of Rowdy Wylie and Geraldine Rosser - today we look more in depth at the works of Geraldine.

Signing off this month from London with an exquisite little C19th Chinese snuff bottle painted inside with a brush of one hair width. I saw the bottle in a Citi exhibition at the British Museum titled Cina's hidden century.

C19th Chinese snuff bottle - portrait painted on the inside (Photo: Anne Newman)