Winter Art Works Inspired by Winter from The Tate, London

I don't want our subscribers and supporters to think that we have forgotten that more than half the world is not sweltering in the heat. I am hearing regularly from the UK how cold and damp it has been and so this blog is dedicated to artistic works that have been inspired by winter.

Below are six paintings that were inspired by winter.

See if you can match to each painting the year it was created and its title and artist.

The paintings were created in the following years: 1894, 1925, c.1935, 1950, 1994, 2006.

And the titles and artists are:

Beyond Man's Footsteps by Briton Riviere

Majesty by Tacita Dean

Ski Jacket by Peter Doig

Berkeley Square by Stanislawa De Karlowska

View from the Window, Vienna by Marie-Louise Von Motesiczky

Glacier Crystal, Grindelwald by Wilhelmina Barns-Graham

To read about the works shown above and what inspired each of the artists click here to enter the Tate London OnLine Gallery.

A very special thank you to everyone who has sent their concern and best wishes to us down here in Australia as we experience the worst bushfires our country has ever known. The support in so many ways from around the world has been amazing. Thank you.