Art Inspired from the Past

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The horse is made of ridged metal bars, that are used in structural engineering, and “coloured in” with old whiskey barrels. (

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The 3m-high horse was commissioned by Wells Maltings for the Wells Heritage Art Trail. I was contacted by the arts centre because they were setting up a sculpture trail and asked if I wanted to put in a proposal,”   Rachael told H&H.(

"I live in south Norfolk, so I went up to walk around the town and meet with the harbourmaster. We talked about the site that he wanted one of the sculptures to be on, which was in the harbour. We discussed my work, which is mainly animals and birds, and he showed me this amazing photograph of the Wells lifeboat being pulled on to the beach by five pairs of heavy horses". Rachael said the harbour master also told her how the horses would recognise the lifeboat call-out alarm and gallop to the gate to be caught. (

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The installation was complex and required a boat with a crane, huge rods to pin the horse to the seabed and exact timing to avoid the tides. (

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I'm sure you won't be surprised to learn that the reaction to the sculpture was fantastic and as Rachael Long said: It has got a life of its own, the way people respond to horses [is amazing], they are part of our history and culture. (

For Facebook users you can follow Rachael on her page Rachael Long Sculpture and view many more images of the Light Boat Horse including shots of its installation into the shoreline. You can also view other art works by Rachael Long which you will find inspiring.

Tomorrow we will learn that Rachael Long's Light Boat Horse faced a challenge. You will learn why the local community and the broader community of art lovers are rallying to give it a permanent home in the waters off Wells next the Sea. It is an inspiring story.

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1; photo by Rachael Long
2, photo by Damson Ellen
3 Richard Little
6.; supplied by Robert Smith, Harbourmaster, Port of Wells.