Art All Around

I don't just like one style of art or one form. And when I paint I don't paint in one style or one subject. I definitely embrace variety in my life - in what I do and what I like to appreciate. And this attitude I take into my love of art which I have had since a very young child - very much encouraged by my parents and older siblings. My father was a restorer of furniture, my mother a dressmaker who also engaged occasionally when she was in her later years (and had the time) in painting, my sister is a brilliant needlework artist making phenomenal dolls, and my brother is a gardener - his garden even making a national TV program some years back. All different forms of art.

But once more I want to emphasise that art starts next to you as you go about your daily life. As I look out the window from where I work at the blog I can see many forms of art.

View from my study (Photo: Anne Newman)

You can see a section of the fence graffitied by some of the children in my life, a beautiful little bird feeder I purchased many years ago whilst visiting Tasmania, even the severely pruned bottlebrush has form and potential - though dwarfed by the creeper working its way into my home! As for the small wooden fence put there to keep my dog from digging up my pumpkin patch -- well maybe that doesn't qualify as art!

I deliberately left in the computer screen to emphasise that this is everyday art. Many artists walk around all day with a keen eye out for an everyday image to sketch, paint, embroider..

And of course, the little painting I finished off yesterday of a serene scene with gum trees, fits neatly into our conventional definition of art. Nothing special - just a little painting to represent through my beloved gum trees - gnarled with the growing of age - the beauty of standing next to someone or something you love.

Paired by Anne Newman

But let us go out and about and see if we can spot some art works close by or even in the distance. But all around you!

It is fun to play around making Everyday People Art from the bodies you see around you - being careful of course not to get up too close and friendly! But groups of people at a distance can make for some interesting art pieces...

Everyday People Art: Walkway above the Thames, London (Photo: Anne Newman) did all the other people who visited the Tate Modern with me!

Everyday People Art: Entering the Tate Modern, London (Photo: Anne Newman)

I was at the Tate Modern to see Yayoi Kusama's Infinity Mirror Rooms which had an Everyday Art work made from the entrance...

Entrance to the Yayoi Kusama's Infinity Mirror Rooms, Tate Modern, London (Photo: Anne Newman)

I also took in the exhibition of Jannis Kounellis (1936-2017) - the Greek artist who became a protagonist of Italy's arte povera movement from the 1960s. 1 At some point I will return to look at his work in more detail and dive in to gaining a greater understanding and appreciation of this art form.

Examples of work by Jannis Kounellis exhibited at the Tate Modern, London (Photo: Anne Newman)

But as I am always on the look out for Everyday Art I took a little wander around the Tate Modern building and made my own form of an art work! I've called it Structured!

Structured: Everyday Art made at Tate Modern, London (Photos: Anne Newman)

From the very moment you walk out or walk in -

Doorways in the Tate Modern, London (Photo: Anne Newman)

Do look around you ......and maybe you would like to send in your own image of an example of the art all around.