An extraordinary find in South Australia....

Here is an incredible art story which recently made the nightly news bulletin here in Australia.

It’s about a man who produced over 250 wooden boxes and over 7,000 abstract paintings, completely in secret, after his retirement in Mount Gambier, a country town in South Australia near the border of Victoria, Australia. A retired maths teacher in the 1980s, Robert Martiensen had no training in woodwork or painting and his work was never sold or exhibited. His prolific work was only discovered after his death in 2007.

A remarkable chain of events has led to recognising the importance of his work, despite it nearly being just thrown out………

The story is wonderfully told by Emily Bissland, an ABC News journalist in South West Victoria, and is well worth a read…….

There is a short video at the start if you prefer, which also shows many of his incredible works …….

Discovered after death: A country town maths teacher’s 7,000 secret artworks
“This is what every art historian dreams of finding in their lifetime and they never do. Here he is.” How art valuer Elizabeth Arthur discovered a brilliant, obsessive mind.

Isn't it just an incredible story?

A display of Robert Martiensen's works was on at the Hamilton Gallery in western Victoria, but that has now closed. Hopefully another exhibition will be arranged elsewhere in the future. Do let us know if you hear of anything and we will also let you know if something comes to our attention too..........


With thanks to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (The ABC) in South West Victoria.