April Mailbag 2021 No 2

South African stamps: Proteas and Succulents 1977 (1)

Our second mailbag for the month of April is brought to us with examples of some beautiful South African stamps featuring proteas and succulents. And when I opened the mailbag I found four new subscribers: welcome J.B., M.J., J.J.M and J.F. to the AnArt4Life blog. What a wonderful day and our Facebook Follower African artist Tendai Makufa will make you feel even better as he shares his thoughts about being close to the earth.

But first - John Wylie from Port Elliot, South Australia sent in his congratulations following the post I wrote on the paintings being created by Tendai Makufa. John said:

Great story about South African artist Tendai Makufa… really like his colourful paintings telling a story about the village people working in the fields as “one” & celebrating together at the end of the day & after harvesting successful crops… Truly inspirational!!!!

I am able to share the latest thoughts from Tendai at The Time of the Recolt (harvest) and some images showing the creation of his painting Great Time in Africa.

Why does the discovery of a Tendai Makuka painting do us good?
The pleasure of diving into this field, sharing this light and feeling of work... The colors, the energy emanating from its characters, the daily life that makes us so close, in short, to this general atmosphere and positive, we remove true well-being. The reason is probably simple: they are close to us. They belong to our family.

Great Time in Africa continues this exploration of rurality, in this particular light of the happiness it feeds. This is a feeling abundantly exploited, often abusively and for questionable purposes. We are far from it here. "At the end of April, farmers are in the tomato fields, and this is a very important moment, because it is synonymous with reward.

We have worked a lot, it's difficult and the earth exploded with colors, chants, we work and dance at the same time, we share this happiness and we thank God, who is immense."

Tendai Makufa is from Gutu, which is a tiny village in Masvingo province.

Before coming into town, like so many others, he saw his parents curved on the plot, in heaven's worry, in daily rehearsal of the gesture and in harvest reward.

When he left for Harare, and later to foreign cities, Tendai certainly brought some of this land from Gutu. With her he painted, painting by painting, his appreciation. He doesn't have much to add, the color is contained in this fertile handle, the color and joy of seeing it sprout. Tendai Makufa ©

"Great time in Africa", acrylic on canvas, 1, 20 × 1, 26 m (2021)
Photos: T Makufa

Contact: https://www.facebook.com/tendai.makufa

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