The Queenscliff Art Prize - Part 1

I've just come home from a lovely holiday at the beach, around the Queenscliff area of the Bellarine Peninsula. It is about a two hour drive from Melbourne, Victoria, in Australia, with lovely beaches and quaint towns with old, heritage homes, shops and hotels.

It is an area of rich history of early settlers, seafarers, lighthouses and ship wrecks, particularly because of the very narrow and treacherous entrance into Port Philip Bay, which still requires careful navigation to this day.

During our holiday, we wandered down to the Queenscliff pier for a walk, and I was suprised to see photos of many art works lining the walkway to the pier and onto the pier itself!

Dispayed are over 200 works by Australian artists and photographers who submit their work to the Queenscliff Art Prize each year. It is a unique outdoor art and photography exhibition where artists submit a high resolution image of their work. This is then exhibited as a weatherproof board along the historic Queenscliff Pier from the beginning of November until the end of April. Each one is even illuminated at night as well! 1

Don't you think this is a fabulous idea? So many people visit Queenscliff for their summer holidays, and this idea means that the exhibiton has maximum reach as people stroll by on this iconic pier. They have time to take a leisurely look, and don't have go to a gallery to see them! I think it is absolute genius!

Later on, the entries will then be judged. Prizes for 2023 will be awarded in the following categories^:

  • Fine art
  • Print art
  • Indigenous art
  • Digital art
  • Photographic portrait
  • Photographic landscape
  • Photographic open

If you live in Victoria, you might find yourself in the Queenscliff area and can see the 2023 artworks for yourself, down at the pier!

But for our many readers in other parts of Australia and the world, you can see the artworks via the bookmark below. Today we will look at the 2023 photography category, and tomorrow we will look at the artworks.

Each category is presented alphabetically by the artist's name. You might like to browse through, and click on any image that takes your fancy to find out more information about each artist......

Featured Photographers - Queenscliff Art Prize
Featured Photographers AllA C D F I J L M R S T View Aaron De Keulenaer A, Featured Photographers see photographer details View Andria Arendze A, Featured Photographers see photographer details View Angela Iannella A, Featured Photographers see photographer details View Chris Jablonski C, Featured P…

Late Mail

A very special welcome to Fay in Spain who has just joined as a subscriber to the AnArt4Life blog. We do hope you enjoy the journey through the fields of art with us.


  1. With thanks to The Queenscliffe Art Prize.

^ You can see the 2022 prize winners if you click here.