The flip side of disability: Ability!

In this story, Benjamin Russo, a nine year old American boy, shows how he has turned a disability into a unique advantage!

Benjamin shows us the power of a dyslexic mind, using his spatial intelligence and artistic ability to create mosaic portraits using hundreds of Rubik's cubes! He calls it his "superpower"!

Here is his portrait of John Cena, using 750 Rubik's cubes......

(John Cena is a professional wrestler, actor and television personality. Calling himself "The Prototype," he has wrestled in over 2,200 matches, winnig a staggering 78.6% of them.)

Benjamin's mosaic of John Cena, December 2019.

..........and he has also done Darth Vader, from Star Wars.........:

Darth Vader, February 2020.

Benjamin obviously enjoys using his skills to bring his idols to life in a unique form. He has also recently created this mosaic portrait of the Canadian rap singer, songwriter, actor, and entrepreneur, Drake, in December 2020!

Luckily, his artworks are immortalised in these YouTube videos, as he has to re-use the same cubes for every new portrait he decides to make! Strangely, his parents can't afford to keep buying him another 700 rubik's cubes every time he gets a new idea!!............

"Drake" singer, songwriter and media personality: December 2020

It just goes to show that with a positive outlook and a little bit of creativity, determination and ingenuity, amazing things are possible...........