The Art of the Victorian Gold Rush

Caroline reminded us yesterday of how important paddle steamers were to the early settlers along the rivers - in this case the great Murray River that divides Victoria from New South Wales.

What brought most of the early free settlers to Australia especially to Victoria? Gold!

Edwin Stocqueler: Gold Diggings Ararat c1855 (1)

Jane found this wonderful article A period in focus – The Art of the Victorian Gold Rush by Andrea Hope which we want to share with those of you who are intrerested in this topic.

John Skinner Prout, Night Scene at the Diggings, c 1852 (1)

The first bookmark is to the abridged version of the article.

The Art of the Victorian Goldfields (excerpt)
The importance of sketches, paintings and prints as a record of everyday life on the goldfields can’t be understated, particularly as the use of photography was still in its infancy in the 1850s. T…

And this bookmark below is for those of you who would like to read the full article.

The Art of the Victorian Gold Rush
The sketches, paintings and prints of this period provide a lively and honest record, and equally importantly, demonstrate the long-term impacts of the gold rush on Victoria.
William Strutt, On Route to the Diggings, 1852 (1)

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The Art of the American Gold Rush