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Some of you have commented that there have been some fillin posts of late - there is nothing to worry about and we are definitely not going away. Well - we might occasionally for a day or so. We are fast approaching our 6th birthday of sending out a daily post about the art in our lives. As you can imagine a great amount of work goes into this production and we are all getting a little older and not quite as quick in the brain!! Plus daily life and family responsibilities also have to be met. A little while back we alterted you to The Changing Nature of the AnArt4Life Blog. Here is the Bookmark link if you missed this important post.

The Changing Nature of the AnArt4Life Blog
The AnArt4Life blog delivery and format is changing slightly. Please read to learn more about how we are making minor changes to the posts about the “art that is all around us”.

And today is a Fillin day so please from our TagCloud check out our previous posts on the close relationship between science and art.

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