Sue Symons: Creative Versatility Part Two

It's wonderful when you meet someone who uses their creative talent to bring joy to others. Following on from yesterday's post we further explore the intricate details and a delicate touch of artist Sue Symons.

Today we are going to showcase some of Sue's quilling works, some examples of which you might have seen in the January mailbag.

Yesterday we explained how Sue Symons, at 17 went to Art School when she left school and got a Degree in Design and went on to be an Interior Designer with her own business for many years.

Example of quilling by Sue Symons (Photo: Sue Symons)

I asked Sue, how did she first become interested in quilling and do you remember what stimulated this interest? In answer she recalled:

During COVID I went to visit a friend on her birthday to watch her open her cards as she sat alone at that terrible time.

We came across a card that we both thought was beautiful, looked at the back and saw it had been QUILLED!

I had never heard of this Chinese craft and so I went home and went on to the Amazon site and to my surprise all the products one needed could be bought on line plus many books on the subject - I was AWAY!

I bought everything and started - it helped having a design background.

Materials used for quilling (Photo: Sue Symons)

Before we continue to look at Sue's quilling I suggest you take a few minutes to read a little about the history of this ancient craft which has made a remarkable comeback.

Quilling Card | The History of Quilling
Quilling is the art of rolled, shaped, and glued paper that results in creating a unified, decorative design. Learn more about the dynamic history of this beautiful art form!

Sue's quilling is personal and used to make cards to give to her friends and families in recognition of an important event, such as turning 60! Please take a moment to study the pattern which is so wonderful with an application of different interlocking shapes.

Quilling by Sue Symons

And turning 80 is even more important and you can appreciate how much time Sue puts into creating her designs! Once more her skill as an Interior Designer comes to the fore.

This one is my favouirte as it shows off Sue's skill in selecting a perfect combination of colours and in this case, quite an unusual combination. But also note the flow in the design and the attention to tiny flares of detail.

Quilling by Sue Symons

Eighty again and some examples of Sue's delightful hearts which seem to be a speciality.

Quilling by Sue Symons

As emphasised, Sue quills for other people and therefore the letters of their names dominant her works.

Quilling by Sue Symons

And to conclude our look into the quilling of Sue Symons a few more of her designs.

Sue is also an expert with the needle! And once more we see her wonderful knowledge and appreciatiion of the marriage of colours in the spectrum...

Needlework by Sue Symons

...the designer's mind working on the composition of shapes ...

Needlework by Sue Symons 

... and Sue's wonderful attention to adding a touch of class with a detail or two!

Needlework by Sue Symons

Before you leave the AnArt4Life post for today, if you are interested in knowing more about quilling please read Julie's post on The gentle art of paper quilling - reimagined by Yulia Brodskaya.

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A huge thank you to Sue Symons for sharing her creative journey through the fields of art and for giving permission for the images of her work to be showcased on AnArt4Life.