Sue Symons: Creative Versatility Part One

I admire immensely anyone who can achieve art works across a range of art mediums. Sue Symons in the UK commenced painting in watercolour a long time ago but has now fallen in love with digital art works. She also quills and embroiders. Having a background as an artist and interior designer she is used to matching colours, textures, shapes into that perfect composition.

Today we are going to look at some of her digital art pieces and then tomorrow turn to look at examples of her quilling and embroidery.

And there is no better way to start an art post than with an image of a gorgeous puppy and Sue's Rockey is no exception. All created digitally on a tablet!

Rockey (digital art ) by Sue Symons

But as I have emphasised, Sue's talent ranges across many mediums and many subjects matter, and indeed styles.

Digital Art by Sue Symons

It is important to emphasise at this point that creating digital art works demands a high degree of artistic knowledge which Sue has. After leaving school at 17 she went to Art School and graduated with a Degree in Design - going on to be an Interior Designer for many years and eventually running her own very successful business.She also painted extensively in watercolours when younger and no doubt draws on this skill and experience to produce her digital pieces.

In the above image you can see the designer's eye at work - the harmony of colour and shape dominanting but also note the tiny details of the flower pots and water fountains combining to produce a restful environment in which to live.

Being able to see the world from a different angle is very much a skill of an interior designer and Sue's digital image (below) highlights her skill, not only in mastering digital art creations, but in creating a harmonious compositon which entices the viewer to enter.

Digital Art by Sue Symons

But the artist's passion for drama is never far away and in the image shown below the strength of Sue's creative instincts have taken over. This image really appeals to me!

I love art work which builds on geometric lines and shapes which you can see Sue has used to give the image a structure - without the dominance of the pavement lines this image would not be so appealing. And then she boldly contrast these lines with the dramatic, menacing sky bringing an atmosphere to the image which would not otherwise have occurred.

The seashore and house link the dangers of the pending storm to humanity emphasing the emotional kaleidoscope one has when living by the sea - and the vulnerability of such a life impacted by the changing weather conditions.

But the designer's mind is still present because if you look very, very carefully you will see a tiny detail of a seagull in the foreground - again endorsing the dangers of the inclement coastal weather and adding that perfect detail unobtrusive detail.

A great image Sue!!

Digital Art by Sue Symons

And wouldn't you love to live or visit this scene? I would -idyllic and enticing created through the long foreground which overcomes the middle ground to place the viewer immediately in amongst the joys of boating.

Sue's penchant for including unobtrusive yet essential details is again present with the ever present seagulls on the water and a buoy or two.

Digital Art by Sue Symons 

There is a love of the sea in this artist and what I love about Sue's works is the way she has created images of the sea in different contexts giving rise to different emotions from the viewer.

Digital Art by Sue Symons

As already mentioned Sue quills and embroiders and the final two images are very much related to the keen detailed eye of such a person and a person who loves nature and the natural beauty it offers for reproduction.

Digital Art by Sue Symons 

I found this last digital image of Sue's very interesting in terms of the colour patterns only subtly supported by delicate lines.

Digital Art by Sue Symons

In many ways this image takes on the style of Sue's needlework which you will see tomorrow. The delicate, intricate lines seem to weave a pattern throughout the composition. The subtle use of colour with just the right amount of contrast is most appealing and I can see this image as a fabric in a breakfast room or a sunroom. The interior designer in Sue is always present.

Let's play around a little digitally with this image to examine a little more closely the digital palette and underlying colour pattern created for this image.

Colour pattern in digital art by Sue Symons

I can take the digital manipulation of this image even further by experimenting to see what what could be termed the palette view thus giving an insight into the dominant colours in the image and how they have been placed for maximum effect.

Palette view in digital art by Sue Symons

I firmly believe that how we see the world is a combination of DNA and experience. The creativity genes Sue was given at birth, captured by formal study at Art School and then enhanced by years of experience as an interior designer have melded into a mature artist who is producing very appealing digital images. As Sue said to me:

I am now 83! And having been painting on and off ever since I went to a college of art when I left school and did a fine art degree.

My art now is not watercolours - it’s Ipad art - and so I am in good company with Hockney!

I have always had art in my life in one form or another. I started my own interior design company in 1970 where I was always drawing my room designs. I finished a couple of years ago.

Now having lost my husband during the Covid pandemic I have devoted most of my time to one form of art or another.

Sue Symons story is one of creativity and courage and we thank her for being willing to share her story with us and for giving permission for the images of her work to be shared on AnArt4Life. Tomorrow a very different view from her work bench!