Still Life in Nature

While I have been researching and learning more about Still Life painting last week I was reminded that the real expert in still life is Mother Nature.

I was sent in these amazing photos by Olya - one of our subscribers- who with her photography skills captured an artistic moment in time.

Many of you love to search for hidden creatures in images and so this might be one of those occasions.

I was then tempted to make a computer enhanced work of art from the image.
Using Photoshop I first applied the oil paint look.

And I also tried out the solarizing effect which I rather liked.

And like all amateurs I then got completely carried away!

So much fun - I could on for days playing with these images.

Those of you who are keen photographers please send in your best shot representing Still Life in Nature.

Photo by Maxim Potkin / Unsplash

And thinking about nature - tomorrow we are off to the coast.