Shai Yossef

I want to continue showing you some contemporary master artists who create portraits - today Israeli artist Shai Yossef. You saw one of his portraits in the post celebrating Father's Day.

Shai Yossef was born in March, 1980. He is married and the father of three children, and lives in Israel in Rosh Ha'ain. He likes to sculpt his artworks on the canvas.

They are very texturized, large-scale, colorful and often engage in social values. His original paintings and signed prints are sold national wide and around the globe. He is known for his oil paintings which are influenced by social issues and the Bible.1

But as you enjoyed the famous people portraits of Philip Johnson last week, I thought we would start by seeing Shai's oil on canvas painting of this star when young.

Michael Jackson by Shai Yossef © (2)

And two very powerful portraits of singer/song writer Nina Simone.

Shai Yossef is known for his varied oil paintings which are influenced mostly by social issues and the Bible.2

Shai Yossef states:
By using these two great powers - the spiritual and the material, we create & demolish. It will always be one of most fragile relationships each of us has. Accordingly, through art I frantically seek this long-awaited balance, guided by past experiences, present times and future ambitions. 2

Children of the heart by Shai Yossef © (2)

My favourite group portrait by Shai Yossef is the one below which I think is titled Stars.

Stars by Shai Yossef © (4)

This portrait is based on a photo taken by Anthony Asael who founded Art in All of Us (AiA) with Stephanie Rabemiafara in 2005 in Belgium. AIA is a not-for-profit organization that promotes tolerance and cultural exchange throughout all the 192 UN member countries, through art and creativity activities. AiA endeavors to enrich the lives of children by inspiring them through cultural exchanges and Art Pen Pal Programs. By giving them a voice, children are empowered to express their feelings, build their self-esteem, and help create a more positive future. 7

Looking at the stars by Anthony Asael © (5)

Let's sign off today with one more beautiful portrait by Shai Yossef. This one is titled The Shepherd.

The Shepherd by Shai Yossef © (2)

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