Simon White – A versatile artist

Today we bring the versatile art of an Australian man named Simon White. I became aware of him through a friend of mine who loves street art, and saw his work in her local suburb of Surrey Hills in Melbourne Victoria, and then saw his work again in country Victoria.

Simon is based in Loch Sport, which is a coastal town on Ninety Mile Beach in Gippsland Victoria, with a population of around 1000 people. Co-incidentally, Loch Sport is a place that our Blog writer Caroline, visits quite often as it is such a beautiful place!

Map showing the position of Loch Sport in Gippsland, Victoria, Australia. Credit: Free country maps

On his website, Simon gives the following bio:
Born in Melbourne, Victoria, Simon is a contemporary artist known for his large scale murals, classic portraits, landscapes, and urban street scenes. Simon completes public and private murals, commissioned paintings and portraits, and has exhibited in solo shows all around Australia.

He paints large scale murals, as well as smaller works on fences, water tanks, and even caravans! He captures the essence of Australian flora and fauna and typical “Aussie scenes” so very well. But Simon is extremely versatile and does other paintings as well as portraits in both paint and charcoal. He must have a wonderful sense of perspective to be able to work on large scale walls and then transition to canvas and paper! That skill just amazes me!

To give you a taste of his work, let’s look at the categories on his website – firstly the large scale murals:

Large Scale Murals | Simon White Art

…..and then his “backyard murals”……

Backyard Murals | Simon White Art

and then his landscapes, portraits and charcoals………

Paintings | Simon White Art
Charcoal Portraits | Simon White Art

Isn’t his work wonderful? Can you pick a favourite? I think I love his outdoor landscapes the best as I find the dynamic movement in his work captivating! Let us know what you think!


With thanks to Simon White,

P.S. There are many more images of Simon's work if you click the following link to Google, here and Simon also has a presence on Facebook, if you are a user of Facebook. Click here.