A Return to Frank Bowling

Good morning fellow art lovers......... I've been chatting a little about patterns and there is, in my mind, no greater virtuoso in the craft of creating patterns than the abstract artist Frank Bowling. 
Get a cup of coffee or tea, put up your feet and follow the bookmark links below into the magial world of paint and patterns with Frank Bowling. 
Frank Bowling: Part One
One of my favourite Abstract Artists would have to be Frank Bowling who said: The possibilities of paint are never-ending.
Frank Bowling: Part Two
Frank Bowling had a deep understanding of the dynamics of the flow of paint and the drama of colour combination.
Frank Bowling: Part Three
Up close you can see & feel the acrylic paint which has been mixed with gel and applied using a spatula. The intricate texture and patterns combined with the colours are amazing. I just love Frank Bowling’s creative genius.
And in a day or so I am going to return and take you into the world of patterns in quilts as created by Suzanne Benson.