Past Post: No 6 June 2018

I just love life when it falls into place. And today is one of those rare times. Call it coincidence if you like but sometimes the world forces just all get together for a brief moment and line up the dots. Which dots I hear you say?

We have recently been joined by an artist John Wylie from Port Elliot in South Australia who has been strongly influenced by the landscape and artists of Broken Hill in New South Wales: outback desert country. We looked at the delightful paintings being created by John in his Shed a few days ago. I followed his works up with the naive artist Sam Byrne who also painted in a shed - in Broken Hill.

And now it is time to have our Sunday Past Posts which come from the matching week two years ago. To my delight and amasement, exactly two years ago to the week the AnArt4Life blog featured the works of The Brushmen of the Bush from Broken Hill: famous for their works and tireless charity work raising money for the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia.

I have chosen two of these past posts to share with you today: one on Pro Hart and the other on Eric Minchin: two constrasting outback painters.

Brushmen of the Bush: Pro Hart
Kevin Charles ‘Pro’ Hart is probably the best known painter from the group known as the Brushmen of the Bush. Image: At the Billabong - Waterbirds (
Another Brushmen of the Bush: Eric Minchin
Eric Minchin (1928-1994) is credited with having started the group of painters - the Brushmen of the Bush who raised over a million dollars for charities mainly the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia. Image: