Past Post: No 12 August 2018: Ben Quilty- Artist Extraordinaire

Australian artist Ben Quilty and his paintings arrived with a thunderous applause. Here was a young man who was not only an outstanding painter with a startling style but an Australian whose passion is as strong as his vibrant impastoed brush strokes.

Enjoy some of the posts I have written on Ben Quilty in 2018.

Ben Quilty: Superb Artist, Great Australian
Ben Quilty is an Australian favourite: as an artist and person. He has won the Doug Moran Portrait prize with Jimmy Barnes & the Archibald with his painting of Margaret Olley. Image: Ben Quilty (
Ben Quilty’s Rorschach Works
Australian artist Ben Quilty has turned Ink Blots into an art form through his Rorschach series. Image: Self Portrait Smashed Rorschach by Ben Quilty (