Paixão sexta-feira

It is appropriate today, Good Friday in the Christian world, to take time to reflect on the great losses our world has suffered over the past year. Whatever your beliefs please stop for a moment to remember all those we have lost and to thank those who have sacrificed so much for so many during this time.

Many countries have suffered greatly - Brazil being one of these hence the title Paixão sexta-feira - the translation from Portuguese being Passion Friday. We send our special thoughts to our subscriber M in Brazil and to all our subscribers in countries struggling at this time. We pray that you are kept safe.

We flew on a helicopter ride right next to the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro in April 2017. A cloudy day, but happy to see the statue peak out!
Photo by Robert Nyman / Unsplash

Sometime back our Jane wrote a post on Christ the Redeemer which stands above the city of Rio de Janeiro. Please follow the link below to read the post.

Christ the Redeemer
Christ the Redeemer sitting atop Corcovado mountain with arms outstretched overlooking the city of Rio de Janeiro, where the locals refer to it as Cristo Redentor.