Off to the UK

The Flying Kangaroo (Credit:

Today I am boarding the flying kangaroo to travel to the UK for a holiday. A huge thank you to my friends and fellow art bloggers Jane and Caroline for their incredible effort in writing so many of the blogs while I prepared for my holiday.

I love the contribution Jane and Caroline make and not only because they give so much assistance in the writing. Each brings their perspective on the world and the great variety of interests they have in the art world makes for a richer blog. And also a huge thank you to them for loading up the Blog Bank with their writings which means you should all receive the blog each day as I swan it around England.

Thank you girls for your wonderful support. I will let Australian artist Dorothy Braund show my appreciation.

Three Figures (about 1970s) (Credit:

As I prepare for the flight I am reminded that Australian artist John Pickup designed the cover for Qantas First Class Captain's Club menu.

Don Quixote and Mail Truck by John Pickup ©

Somehow I don't expect the visuals on the menus today to come up to John's standard but I will let you know.

I will be leaving from Melbourne and then flying the direct route to London from Perth which is all night flying so I don't expect to see images of glorious clouds. I did however find a beautiful photo to share with you taken by Tia Zhang on the route from Melbourne to Perth.

From the photographer: "A view from airplane window, flying from Melbourne to Perth. There are airglow,the Milky Way and the Magellanic Clouds in the photo.(

The photos taken by Tia Zhang are so amazing I will show you three more.

We have prepared as best we can to keep the blog rolling on to all the subscribers each day even though I will be holidaying in England. Jane is also away in Scandinavia (and a few other countries!!). We have left Caroline and Matt in charge. If we miss a day or two, here or there, please don't worry. Nothing is wrong- the blog will return.