Central Victorian Birds through the lens of Geoff Park

We have been having a lovely time of late looking at and discussing trees and the magnificent patterns they create in such a variety of way. I was reminder by The Keeper of the remarkable bird photography and posts Geoff Park from Central Victoria creates. 

One of the craziest Australian birds is the Gang-gang Cockatoo - you really think you are seeing things the first time you encounter one of these remarkable creatures. Of course the boys have to get all dressed up to attract a girl as you can see below in Geoff's brilliant image of an adult male Gang-gang Cockatoo snapped at Yandoit Creek, Central Victoria on the 10th June 2023.

Gang-gang Cockatoo (adult male), Yandoit Creek, 10th June 2023 Photo: Geoff Park

The girls go for the elegantly refined look.

Adult female Gang-gang Cockatoo Photo: Geoff Park 

Please follow the bookmark link below into Geoff Park's world of birds. You will be blown away!!

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