Meg Maguire - An Artist with Passion

During my recent tour in Israel, I met Meg Maguire, a vivacious and dynamic woman – with a thirst and passion for travel – a joy to hear of her adventures from Turkey to Turkmenistan and many a country in between.

I soon learned that Meg was a talented painter - describing herself as a figurative artist living and working in North Canterbury, New Zealand.

As you can see from the examples above, Meg covers a variety of media and I find many of her artworks very powerful.

Earlier in the year Meg was thrilled to showcase her work at the Pumanawa Community Exhibition Space in Christchurch. After browsing through her website I could see why the exhibition proved such a success – a success that surprised Meg!

From her Home Page it states:

Creating works informed by curiosity, Meg's output is equally intimate and candid.

With ingenuity and passion, she strives to celebrate life's mishaps, challenges and occasional triumphs.1

Follow the bookmark below to Meg's website for an insight into her personality and a taste of her thought provoking art.


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