Mail about Fountains

I’ve had a very good response to the blogs about fountains and have some more to show you.

Di in Bendigo sent mail that the gorgeous Varland Fountain in Bull Street Bendigo has been restored.

D also informed me that the water troughs for the horses were moved to the Botanical Gardens in Bendigo and used for the Kangaroos to drink out of. This pleases me!

New subscriber QJ of Coogee has sent in this image of the fountain at Schloss Lindenhof, in Bavaria which was one of Ludwig II castles. I saw something similar the other day when a water pipe burst over the road from me!!

Credit: City Art Sydney

And here we have the shameless glory of the Praetorian Fountain in Palermo, Sicily which Jane said is interesting to see. Located in the heart of the historic centre it represents the most important landmark of Piazza Pretoria. Amazingly the fountain was built by Francesco Camilliani in the city of Florence in 1554, but was transferred in Palermo in 1574.

Credit: Italian Ways
Credit: Shutterstock

Penny and QJ of Coogee also put in a vote for the Turin Fountain in Valencia, Spain.


Tomorrow we return to an artist we have looked at before. Someone who loved crystals and reflections but who created incredible images in a very different way than ever seen before.