Loch Village - promoting inspirational art by local kids - Part 2

During Covid lockdowns, we discovered creative ways to do traditional things. During our recent trip to Loch Village, I was intrigued about the story behind the artwork in the main street. Steve, the owner of Loch Victoria Street Gallery, kindly explained. It was the brain child of the Loch primary school art teacher. Parents and friends were no longer allowed to enter the school due to restrictions, so how would everyone be able to see the artworks created by the kids of 2021? How about hanging the art in all the shop windows in the village! And that is what they did. Everyone could stroll along the street looking at the art, which apparently even hung from the trees! Let's take a look at what kids can create with some encouragement and guidance.

Little ray of sunshine by the 3/4 class

Little ray of sunshine
Our grade would like to share with you some of our ideas and advice to make our world a better place to live. We think everyone can contribute in some way in extending kindness and compassion towards others and looking after our most precious world that we all love and share. We hope you can take something away from our little ray of sunshine.

Growth by the 2/3 class

We in our classroom are kind of like a garden as we grow our bodies we also grow our minds. We are all different shapes and sizes and we have different interests and ideas. But that's what makes us individual. These past few years we have really grown in resilience and mindset and we still have lots of growth to come. What does growth look like for you?

Spread the love by the Prep/1 class

Spread the love
Our artwork is inspired by love. We used warm colours and drew rainbows because we think they make people happy! It represents love for one another, our community, our families and friends and we in prep/1 want to share it with you.
Please take some love and pass it around.

Connection by grade 5/6 

There is no greater feeling than to be connected. The importance of reaching out to one another, especially in these times is needed more than ever. With our hands held outward we want to connect with you, with family and friends, with community, and anyone else who needs it right now.
Whether it's a conversation, a cuppa, a hug, or a phone call, it can really make a big difference.
Who will you reach out to today?

Support by 1/2 class

Our artwork represents support in our class. We like to encourage each other and lift one another when trying to reach our goals. Our tree with its branches and twigs helps with support from its trunk and the trunk is supported to grow from the earth. When we all work together great things can happen. Please support each other!

Surroundings by the grade 4/5 class

Through the dwindling light dance the fallen leaves as they cover our earth like a blanket of organic shapes. They twist and turn and squelch and wriggle with purpose through the boggy moist soil below us. We in grade 4/5 are feeling grateful for where we live, for the fresh air we breathe, for the rolling hills and the winding roads. We can play, we can explore, we can immerse. Do you know what's out there?

I think these colourful, vibrant artworks, provide hope for the future and we can all learn from what the kids, (many with their names proudly painted) are telling us. Well done to all involved, the artists, Loch primary School, the shopowners who took part and a special shout out to the art teacher! I will leave you with an artwork positioned with the school directly behind it - sums up the welcoming vibe of Loch Village beautifully.

The bright, welcoming artwork outside Loch Primary School

All photos are my own.

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