"The Painter" (Jay McKay) by Kevin McKay

Hi everyone, regular followers of th AnArt4Life blog will be very familiar with the urban landscapes of Kevin McKay. Recently we introduced you to his son Jay's paintings and also showcased the paintings Kevin and Jay hung in a recent exhibition they called City and Sea. I have included links to these past posts at the end of this post.
Today, Kevin has a very special painting to show you -
Kevin McKay: "The Painter" (Jay McKay), 2024 Oil on canvas 80 x 60 cm

From Kevin we learn that:

My son surprised me with a series of seascapes that he painted for his Higher School Certificate. Titled “Blue Mind”, they came from dawn excursions to Cronulla’s shoreline, his place of emotional grounding during difficult High School years.

It was wonderful to discover he shared my passion for painting through which he celebrated the beauty he found in the midst of hardship. This thrill was heightened when his work was selected to be hung at the AGNSW - a distinguished achievement I am yet to achieve!

His special place I learned, was also my own so I depicted Jay preparing to paint the sea, framed by the Oak Park Pavilion, a feature I have painted repeatedly as a place of transformation. He is standing proud, however, in his own space before a blank canvas as the sun rises with all the promise of the rainbow that appeared above his shoulder.

Kevin continues:

I constructed the background with the aid of photographic reference and worked from life over several sittings to get the face and figure right.

The composition is divided at the horizontal third separating the architectural background that I like to paint from the main subject.

Before Kevin continues with his explanation of the painting - pleae reread what he has written above and then return to study the painting in detail - letting your eyes take you on your own journey around the composition - resting where you note a point of interest.

As Kevin points out:

Jay acknowledges our presence, even if it feels like we may have intruded on the creative genesis. The empty park bench suggest he might be open to company though - at a respectable distance.

Jay often begins by blocking in tones in thin shades of raw umber which we can see on his palette. We can also see a tube of deep blue in his box easel, Jay’s favourite colour, as well as orange, as every colour needs its complementary to contrast and to soften (by mixing).

I have contrasted the orangish light in the setting with patches of light blue sky and track suit pants of deep indigo while the yellow pavilion stands out against purplish clouds.

Windows sometimes appear like eyes. The three above Jay may allude to the mystical “third eye” that many artists seek - an inner vision that sees beyond the physical appearance of things.

The steps and railings have an Escher-like quality leading us around the architectural subject and into the suburban background, but in this moment Jay is basking in the light.

Kevin McKay, "The Painter" (Jay McKay), 2024
Oil on canvas 80 x 60 cm
(Portrait study, oil on board, 30 x 25 cm.)

Submission for the Archibald Prize 2024

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