Jamie Wyeth Master of Portraits, Place & Pets and other creatures: Part Three

Jenny Whibley Sings by Jamie Wyeth (1)

To conclude our review of the paintings of Jamie Wyeth we will indulge our love of animals and birds. But these aren't chocolate box pictures which mostly insult the respect we should have for our furry and feathered companions.

Jamie Wyeth creates images of creatures, not as show pieces, but in their environments; the environments we share with them.

Even if they know how to grab the best spots for themselves!!

Hog Spring by Jamie Wyeth (1)

Let's ease ourselves into the Creature Paintings by Jamie Wyeth with images of dogs.

Nearly all of Wyeth's paintings of animals are in a setting where there is a narrative going on that is part of the animal's story. Here are the cats at play.

Sometimes Jamie Wyeth includes an underlying story or message which provokes some uneasiness.

Birds of many varieties figure greatly in the Jamie Wyeth gallery: mostly commanding possession of their space and place in the world.

And the ravens - which are amongst the smartest of all the birds along with crows, jays and magpies.

Concluding with my three favourite Animal Portraits by Jamie Wyeth.

The sheep which I personally love to paint. Of all the animals they are the easiest to have fun with especially when you get to the wool. If you want to learn to paint animals - start with a sheep!

The Lady (2)

The faithful and delightful Jack Russell. A special hello to all those adoring fans!

Homer (5)

And my personal favourite: the magnificent Newfoundland.

Newfoundland (5)

Hey - how did the fox get in here?

Island Fox (5)

This painting by Jamie Wyeth is a reminder that:

Somehow we all have to manage to live in this world together. Whether you have fur, wool, feathers, scales, skin and no matter what the colour - this is our world to share.

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A special thank you to the Brandywine River Museum of Art, Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, for their assistance in acknowledging the credit source for some of the images.


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