It's New Year’s Eve 2023

Well, it’s New Year’s Eve once again. I wonder if, like me, you are wondering where the past year went! Time seems to fly by these days!

But did you know that New Year was not always celebrated on the 1st of January, and in some cultures, the New Year still occurs at a different time. You might like to watch the following 2.34 minute video on the history of New Year’s Eve ….

Courtesy of the History channel

For many of us in the western world, New Year’s Eve is a day of reflecting on the year past - the events of the year, people that we have lost, but also the good memories we have gained.

What do you do on New Year’s Eve night? Do you go to a party, go out to watch a local fireworks display, or stay up till midnight at home to watch the fireworks on TV? Or maybe you want to forget the hype and just go to bed early?

In case you are not staying up, we thought you might enjoy watching this 4 minute video which shows the fireworks from around the world last year, to bring in 2023 ……….

Courtesy of the NBC

We wish everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year ahead.

May all those in places of conflict, natural disasters and difficult situations find hope, help and resolution in the coming year.