It's Christmas 2023!

Whilst many people celebrate the original story of Christmas, (the Birth of Christ), the quintessential messages at the heart of Christmas can be celebrated by all, regardless of beliefs – Hope, Love, Peace and Generosity.

There are many traditions that foster the Christmas spirit – cooking and baking, gatherings with family and friends to share food and gifts, singing carols, sending cards of good wishes, volunteering to bring Christmas cheer to those less fortunate, and decorating Christmas trees and gardens with lights and ornaments.

My aunt, Joan, was an artist and I would always look forward to her card or letter at Christmas. Every year, she would paint the envelope with a Christmas scene. Here are some them:

We pray for peace in our troubled world, and that the true meaning of Christmas can give all people the basics of life - shelter, food to eat, clean water, and the ability to live in peace, without fear.

No matter how you will be spending the day, the Blog Team (Anne, Jane, Julie, John, Andrew, Caroline and Matt) wish all our readers and subscribers around the world Joy, Peace and Love.

Credit: Unsplash